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Kronologi is Asia’s leading authority in cutting-edge enterprise data management solutions, such as IT Infrastructure Optimization and Data Protection.

With an extensive regional presence in countries like Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Philippines, Indonesia, India, Taiwan, Hong Kong and China, Kronologi is well-positioned to add value to enterprises in the Asia Pacific region.

Kronologi’s leadership team is comprised of the brightest minds in the technological space. Armed with decades of experience in key business functions, our leaders have propelled Kronologi forward at a rapid pace, culminating in an IPO on Bursa (Malaysia Stock Exchange) in 2014.


Since then, Kronologi has worked with some of the biggest organisations in Asia, including Food Corporation, Toshiba, Ocean Park, NCS and many more.

Kronologi’s success stems from helping enterprises unlock the power of relevant technologies for smart cities, data centers, geospatial, autonomous vehicle, backup, archive and cloud providers.

As technological requirements differ according to specific business objectives, Kronologi provides innovative “as-a-Service” and customizable solutions – on-premise, cloud-based and hybrid.

Through this unique and effective approach, partners are able to unlock the business value of their digital content, ensure data integrity, and keep their work processes safe and smart.

As a Service

As a Managed Services Provider, our core expertise are in the areas of IT Infrastructure Optimization and Data Protection.

Our services are designed to provide the enterprise market with customized solutions for:

  • Demanding SLAs (Service Level Agreements)
  • Risk mitigation
  • Cost reduction
  • Adherence to compliance regulations of various industries

Through strategic partnerships and/or our own internal capabilities, we offer subscription based “as-a-Service” solutions.

Subscribers will be getting a guarantee (as stated in the SLA) that their data will be rightfully protected and can be restored/accessed at any time.

“As-a-Service” models are the preferred options for enterprises due to convenience and ease of management. Our subscribers can look forward to:

  • Quality solutions without capital expenditure (CAPEX)
  • Outsourced expertise without bulky in-house equipment
  • No manpower, operational and maintenance costs or issues.

We keep ourselves at the forefront of technological advancements, and are able to offer enterprises the most advanced tech-related services in the market today.

Enterprises seek our assistance in the following areas:


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