VM and Hyperconverged Data Protection

VM and Hyperconverged Data Protection

For hyperconverged infrastructures (HCI) running virtual environments and production applications, managing protection and ensuring availability presents some special challenges. Many vendors will emphasize a “snapshot-based” approach to protection, but this doesn’t protect customers from all types of data loss, such as localized disasters and ransomware.Kronologi and Quantum’s joint solutions work with all leading backup applications to protect hyperconverged infrastructures against all types of data loss—regardless of hypervisor, platform and the underlying hardware.

Featured Benefits

Protect Against System Failure and Localized Disaster

Kronologi backup and DR storage solutions provide multi-site protection between remote sites, data centers and the cloud.    

Minimize Backup Windows to Maximize Production Availability

Blazing fast ingest performance and support for features like Instant VM recovery translate to the fastest backups, fastest restores and minimal disruption to your business.

Meet Business SLAs at the Lowest Total Cost of Ownership to Deliver Unmatched ROI

Kronologi products and solutions—DXi, QXS and Scalar tape—each deliver the most efficient designs to maximize the value you achieve while minimizing TCO.

Integrated with All Leading Backup Applications

Kronologi backup and DR storage solutions are integrated and certified with all leading backup applications, making it easy to integrate into your environment. 

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