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OPaaS Storage Edge

OPaaS Storage Edge brings storage closer to the location where it is more needed such as a factory floor, remote offices, or remote locations where there are no reliable internet connection such as an oil rig.

OPaaS Storage Edge provides better performance by processing data on the edge by eliminating the volume of data that must be transmitted resulting in lower latency (Real Time processing such as facial recognition) and lower transmission cost.

OPaaS Storage Edge can be connected to the central cloud or can be deployed as a stand-alone.


  • Increases Kronologi Total-Addressable-Market TAM at the lower end of the external storage market ‘Pyramid”
  • Provides Kronologi and partners an entry-level storage platform for the Distributed-Enterprise Remote Office and Branch Offices (ROBO)
  • Provides Kronologi and partners a lower price-point compared to the enterprise OPaaS thereby opening up a mid-market segment below the large and enterprise segment.
  • Potential volume market play via a value-added distributor
  • Offers partners an offensive weapon to penetrate competitive installed base
  • Provides Kronologi a future-ready solution for IoT
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