Sports Production

Sports Production

The unforgiving nature of live sports coverage, combined with tight schedules, multiple acquisition formats and an even greater number of delivery options, make sports production the most challenging digital workflow today. Quantum StorNext® shared storage and advanced data management solutions deliver the real-time collaboration, rock-solid reliability and unlimited scalability you need to finish ahead of the competition.

Featured Benefits

Demand for captivating video content to support your venue, team or league will continue to grow. To deliver high-quality content rapidly, you need storage solutions that can provide performance, enable scalability, facilitate collaboration, control costs, and allow your users to find what they need quickly and efficiently. StorNext storage solutions and tape archives help you meet those requirements.

Peace of Mind

All post-production professionals need fast access to media files to collaborate effectively. Performance should not be compromised by the number of collaborators or the file size. StorNext centralizes content and enables simultaneous, seamless and fast file sharing on high-speed IP or Fibre Channel networks.

Improved Collaboration

Managing the storage and accessibility of valuable sports footage demands a robust infrastructure designed for collaboration. Every user needs simultaneous shared access to content with no fear of slowdowns or dropped frames. StorNext is the key to making it happen.

Lowers Storage Costs

StorNext enables an end-to-end solution featuring primary storage, object storage, tape archive and the cloud. With StorNext, you can automate the migration of your content to the most cost-efficient tier of storage based on policies that you set.

Data Management

StorNext powered workflows can take advantage of the latest Artificial Intelligence engines to discover and optimize the value of new and archive content, automatically. AI-generated metadata lets you monetize, re-monetize and track content from archive or as it is created, regardless of how large your repository grows.

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