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Built for the Modern Media Workflow

Creating and delivering video content is more challenging than ever across every time of media operation.  Shooting ratios are way up, resolutions are higher, and the proliferation of production and delivery formats all combine to push the boundaries of workflow efficiency.  Collaboration between team members – no matter where they’re located – is also essential.  Our StorNext shared storage and advanced data management solution, combined with Xcellis workflow storage, delivers the performance and scalability you need to power the modern media workflow and extract maximum value from your content.

Solutions for Media and Entertainment


A Kronologi StorNext® shared storage and advanced data management solution provides the horsepower needed to let your creativity run free—and meet your tightest deadlines.

Post Production

Multi-tier StorNext® shared storage and advanced data management solutions address post-production content challenges head on, stripping the complexity from your workflow.


StorNext® delivers the ideal combination of shared storage and data management capabilities to support broadcast workflows.

Corporate Video

A StorNext® shared storage and advanced data management solution serves as the rock-solid foundation of an end-to-end video production and archive solution.

Sports Production

Kronologi StorNext® shared storage and advanced data management solutions deliver the real-time collaboration, proven reliability, and unlimited scalability you need to finish ahead of the competition.

Featured Benefits

StorNext delivers the performance and reliability needed to meet tough production and delivery deadlines—from small editorial studios to massive media production environments. An end-to-end storage solution, StorNext provides the power to rapidly and efficiently ingest, collaborate, deliver and monetize HD and 4K content. It fits seamlessly into existing storage and networking infrastructure, helping you to lower administrative costs and increase investment protection.


Frame-accurate shared access to media files is essential for effective collaboration. StorNext centralizes content and enables simultaneous, seamless and fast file sharing over high-speed IP and Fibre Channel networks.


With every increase in image resolution and every new camera source, the storage capacity needed to capture and manipulate content grows dramatically. With StorNext you can start with the amount of storage you need today and easily scale up to dozens of petabytes with zero downtime.


Media companies have an increasing demand to share content across teams, whether down the hall or across the globe. StorNext provides multi-user accessibility and transparent visibility, allowing users to access any content from any location.

Data Management

StorNext empowers you to optimize capacity through policy-driven, automated storage tiering, reducing the need for costly primary storage. Files can be automatically and transparently moved from flash, to tape, object storage or the cloud—all while optimizing performance and maintaining high availability. 

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