Data Security and Encryption

Data Security and Encryption

Securing your data throughout its lifecycle and protecting against the threat of data breaches are critical elements of data protection. That’s why Kronologi and Quantum’s collaborative works in data protection solutions can encrypt data from the moment it is backed up until expiration, all using hardware-based, military-grade encryption, so your data is secure without any impact to performance. Kronologi and Quantum’s joint DXi appliances and Scalar tape libraries provide encryption of data at rest, as well as in flight to protect data during replication across sites or to the cloud.

Featured Benefits

Secure Your Data Stored on Disk and Tape Using Military-grade Encryption

Kronologi DXi deduplication appliances use self-encrypting drives (SEDs) that leverage an AES-256 bit encryption algorithm to encrypt data at rest. In addition, Scalar LTO tape drives use AES-256 bit encryption to encrypt data stored on tapes for long-term retention. 

Encrypt Your Data In-transit When Replicating Across Sites or To The Cloud

Encrypting data at rest is critical, but so is encrypting data in flight when in transit across your network, or between your network and the cloud. That’s why Kronologi’s DXi appliances leverage AES encryption that can be turned on for any data being replicated between DXi appliances, whether physical, virtual or in the cloud. 

Encrypt Your Data without Impacting Performance

Kronologi’s DXi and Scalar tape encryption approach is unique in that both products use hardware-based encryption. DXi appliances use SEDs, while the Scalar tape libraries take advantage of the encryption capability of LTO tape drives. Since both encryption processes are driven by hardware, there is no impact on system performance. 

Simplify Encryption Key Management

Kronologi’s Scalar Key Manager works with our Scalar libraries to provide scalable, secure and simple management of hundreds of thousands of unique encryption keys.

Key Management Interoperability Protocol (KMIP) Compliant

Kronologi’s Scalar tape libraries are all compatible with the KMIP standard, so you can leverage any KMIP compliant key manager to manage encryption keys across your enterprise. 

Ensure Control of Your Environment with Role-based Access Control

Data security is about more than just encryption. Kronologi data protection products include role-based access, and support for Active Directory and LDAP so you can easily control access across your environment. 


Securely Shred Data and Be Notified of Tape Movement

DXi supports a secure file shred feature so you can expire data securely.

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