Corporate Video

Corporate Video

Organizations are relying more and more on the creation of compelling video content for marketing, training and educating employees, and corporate communication. Not surprisingly, corporate media professionals face the same challenges as the largest media companies, and require an end-to-end workflow storage solution built from the ground up for content creation. A StorNext® shared storage and advanced data management solution serves as the rock-solid foundation of an end-to-end video production and archive solution, and has the ability to scale cost-effectively to satisfy changing business requirements.

Featured Benefits

StorNext, combined with Quantum’s Xcellis® workflow storage platform, delivers the performance and reliability needed to meet the toughest production and delivery deadlines. An end-to-end solution, StorNext provides the power to rapidly and efficiently ingest, collaborate, and deliver content, and integrates with leading automation systems to help you manage content throughout its entire lifecycle.


All post-production professionals need fast access to media files to collaborate effectively. Performance should not be compromised by the number of collaborators or the file size. StorNext centralizes content and enables simultaneous, seamless and fast file sharing on high-speed IP or Fibre Channel networks.


StorNext is designed to fit seamlessly into your workflow. Mix clients, network protocols, operating systems and end-user applications. StorNext integrates with a wide array of third-party solutions, including media asset management, nonlinear editing, visual effects and color-correction systems, allowing you to work the way you want.


With every increase in image resolution and every new camera source, the storage capacity needed to capture and manipulate content grows. With StorNext, you can start with the amount of storage you need today and easily scale up to dozens of petabytes with zero downtime.

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