To keep pace with skyrocketing demand for visual effects and animation content, artists must boost creativity and productivity without impacting workflow efficiency. Using uncompressed high-resolution formats strains the network. A Quantum StorNext® shared storage and advanced data management solution integrates seamlessly with the leading tools of the trade to provide the horsepower needed to let your creativity run free—and meet your tightest deadlines.

Featured Benefits

The demand for high-resolution visual effects and animation content is almost limitless. Much of that work is done in 4K—or even 8K—today. StorNext lets you scale both storage capacity and performance to meet the growing demands of your studio, enabling geographically dispersed teams to collaborate on large sets of large files.


Achieve lightning-fast performance while controlling costs with hybrid systems that combine flash drives with economical high-capacity disk drives. A StorNext solution featuring Xcellis® high-performance workflow storage makes it happen.


Facilitate collaboration with a single-namespace environment for centralized media creation and distribution on a global level. StorNext’s support for a wide range of client systems and applications assures that your artists can work the way they want.


With every increase in image resolution and every new camera source, the storage capacity needed to capture and manipulate content grows dramatically. With StorNext you can start with the amount of storage you need today and easily scale up to dozens of petabytes with zero downtime.

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