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In today's technology-enabled world, most if not all enterprises and organisations use IT to automate and digitise their operations and thus have large amounts of digital data stored in various media including servers, desktops, laptops and external devices. For many of these organisations, the data is critical for their business and operations, especially for organisations that carry sensitive, confidential and mission critical data. Hence, it is highly important that the data is systematically protected through EDM solutions putting in place a set of policies, procedures and technology(s) to allow enterprises and organisations to backup and store important electronic or digital data as well as recover and restore this data in the case where the primary source of data becomes inaccessible due to virus attacks, data corruption, computer thefts, fire, floods, earthquakes and other natural disasters, as well as serious structural damage to the servers.

We are involved in the provision of EDM solutions, specialising in data assurance and protection to ensure business continuity for our clients.

Our portfolio of products and services provide our clients with the ability to achieve data assurance and protection through the systematic backup, storage and recovery of enterprise data to ensure business continuity, as follows:

  • On-site data backup and storage
  • Off-site backup and storage for long term archival
  • Data recovery and restoration
  • Problem escalation and resolution in the event of issues or errors during the backup process
  • 365 days, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week ("365/24/7") technical support
  • Consultancy on process improvement for data assurance, data protection and disaster recovery